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Brooklyn, New York welcomed the birth of Risse Cakkes (born Cherisse Rutherford) and passed down a lineage of musical greatness. As the daughter of a reggae DJ, and cousin of platinum rapper
Busta Rhymes the influence of music coursed her veins at an early age. Later, her eyes would flicker with musical dreams after witnessing the electrifying aura of R&B princess, Aaliyah and the ruff styles of Tupac Shakur. The late singer’s dynamic stage presence and hip-hop tinged R&B style inspired Risse Cakkes to take to the stage in developing her own musical talent.
Follow Risse Cakkes as she climbs her way to the top of the music game.
To learn more about Risse Cakkes watch her interview(s) below:

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Twisted Phantasy's Storm Diosa interviews Hip Hop Artist Risse Cakkes
Twisted Phantasy's Storm Diosa interviews Houston's own Hip Hop Diva Risse Cakkes about her up coming album "Pink Lemonade" and her new single "Hard for the Money". Recorded and Edited by- Purple ...


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The T Episode 1 - Interviewing Risse Cakkes
Check out The T every Wednesday evening at 7 pm on Houston's own UTN, channel 15.2...or


Born November 6, 1990, D'erron "Mr. Mayo or Ben Frank" Mayo is a breath of fresh air. The young father of 5 is a force to be reckoned with. Though his music has the "dirty south" feel and inspiration, he is like no other artist you have heard. With a style influenced by UGK, Big Moe, Z-Ro, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane and many other southern artists, his style cascades in a category of its own, to which he refers to as "motivational trap music". Though he has only been in the entertainment industry for a short while, this young artist is definitely making a name for himself in an attempt to solidify his place in the most competitive profession amongst the best of the best. His creative vision is like no other. And with his drive and determination along with his humble and outgoing personality, this young artist seems like he will be here to stay.

All Day Every Day
New Single from Mr Mayo
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Malik Garrett is an outstanding American multi-genre (R&B, Pop, Hip Hop and Dance) singer, actor, dancer powerhouse who discovered his passion for music at the tender age of 6 while performing in church. Born September 18, 1971, in San Francisco, California, Malik Garrett is the son of blues legend, Mr. Vernon “Crossroads” Garrett and gospel phenomenon, the late Mrs. Doris Garrett, so one could say performing was destined for Malik.

Malik is currently a cast member of a new reality show “Up n’ Coming,” based on the lives of several entertainers in the greater Houston, Texas, coincidentally where Malik currently resides, looking to get their big break into the music industry. “Up n’ Coming” is set to release in late spring 2017 on the Urban Houston Network (UHN) television station.

You can follow Malik on:
Instagram        @malikthaartist
Twitter            @malikgarrett7

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Malik - "Get Freaky"
Malik performing his single "Get Freaky" at the Pre-Super Bowl Kick-Off Party at the House of Dereon

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