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The Elite Brand
Doing Business the Elite Way
#EliteNation is proud to have been created by a brand that is so sophisticated and elegantly put together, The Elite Brand!
Embedded in this phenomenal brand are several divisions that carry the name.
Social Elite is the "mother" of the brand. It is dedicated to the marketing and promoting of its' clients ensuring the utmost success of the individuals and businesses.
Elite Entertainment, the music division, providing services such as management, marketing, public relations, and distribution, while bringing you the hottest indie artists out of Houston.

Elite Productions is the T.V. and film division. It has taken notice to some of Hollywood's own names by contracting with actresses such as Cherie Johnson, who will star as our leading lady in our up-and-coming film, Skeletons and our dual television series Skeletons and SkeletonsRevealed.

Up-N-ComingHouston will follow the lives of male and female, Houston, artists. The series will not only showcase their talents, but document the triumphs and challenges they face daily in their lives and relationships with their families, jobs, and etc. We will experience the Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B entertainment world, along with fashion and hair …BEFORE the fame…BEFORE the fortune.

The Elite Brand offers many services all while doing it the "ELITE" way!