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Hello Readers...
Social Elite is proud to announce that it will be co-hosting its first talk show with one of Houston's most amazing individuals DJ Mizizi of Naii Muzik. To kick off this talk show we will posting blogs every week (Sunday) just to get a feel of what you readers have to say about the topics that will be discussed. Comments are very much encouraged for two main reasons: (1) because we want people to be engaged and (2) because the readers that are most engaged will be asked to be guests on the show. 
Topic of Discuss for this week:
How far is too far for celebrities?
We have all witnessed at some point a celebrity do something totally out of line and get away with it because of who they are...Their name moreso.
At what point should ALL celebrities be held accountable for their actions as the rest of the world are? Do they not breathe the same air as the rest of the world breathe? Do they not put their pants on one leg at a time as the world does? Do they not hurt and feel as the world does? Do they not walk the same earthly ground as the rest of the world walk?
So why should their wrong-doings be accepted with open arms, but the wrong-doings of the world's "commoners" not be?
There is a lot of negative talk about the illuminati but on some level isn't most of America sharing the same viewpoints as they do?... Accepting the fact that money and fame gives you power!
Your Thoughts!?!?
Be aware that all comments will be approved before being posted so lets please try to keep this clean as we engage in conversation.
Thank You!

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Thomas Jefferson on Tuesday, September 04, 2012 6:01 PM
Celebrities should be held accountable for their actions. And should be held to the same levels as the rest of us. Rather, it's in court or in person. Celebrities are people just like us. They (excuse my term)shit and eat just like the rest of us. Although, they may see what they do as the job. Just like we all tend to have jobs. It's just their jobs are in the spot light of the world and people want to know every moment of their lives. Their fame and money tend to attract most of the population. But, society and especially our media tends to showcase celebrities. Which leads to getting off easy or getting a tap on the had for breaking the law. It is even being said that some celebrities are part of a secret society, which tends to open up doors of fame and money for them. The more fame and money, the bigger the cars, houses and higher priced lawyers. But, don't go against them or you can loose it all. So, with having lots of money and fame doesn't make you a likeable person and above anyone. We as a society tend to let rude behavior of celebrities slide. But, hold the every day person lower standard. ex: She thank she all that with her stank attitude. I bet she has 10 kids and on section 8. Personally, I don't care what you have or what you do. You are a regular. The only one above me is really above me.....God. And if you don't get yourself right with him, your money and fame will send you to hell.
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Trenetra Mayo on Tuesday, September 04, 2012 7:17 PM
I agree 100% Thomas...But now I'm going to challenge you!!! If you were a celebrity and you had as much money as, let's say, Jay Z, would you not expect to get off when you messed up? Wouldn't you feel as though, because you paid your attorney(s) millions of dollars that it was your "right" to get away with your crime? In response to this "secret society" it is very real! Everyone, I believe, at this point knows enough about it to know that your comment in regards to it is very true. It's sad when people are willing to sacrifice friends and family members for fame and fortune. They never even consider the afterlife...Just the right here right now!!!! What kind of world would this be if EVERYONE adopted that mentality? Well I guess that's why not everyone can be a candidate!

Mizizi on Tuesday, September 04, 2012 9:46 PM
I can agree with both Trenetra and Thomas but I think there is more to it than that. Do celebrities get away with these wrong doings or are they let loose to do "as they wilt"?. On one hand we have these powers behind their fame who own all the money and media that makes them celebrities in the first place. The big checks and media attention comes with a price; these secret societies use them as instruments of their dirty work of mind manipulation. On the other hand we have the "ignorant" public who still think TV is reality, so we idolize these celebrities and treat them like gods thus all they do seems right no matter how wrong it might be. So if the "powers that be" want all young men to walk around showing their underwear and butt cracks then all they have to do is show Lil Wayne , or Souja boy, or Bow wow , or any other celebrity dressed like that and like sheep , filled with ignorance you see young males sagging all the way to they knees trying to identify with their idol!!.. So the law will not hold any of them accountable for nothing because they are doing what they have been instructed by the "keepers of the law" ( the powers that be), Its THE WAKE UP CALL brothers and sisters, ONLY US can put an end to these maddness, Think about it, if all of us (the general public) was awake and aware to how we are controled by the media via these celebrities,, there would be no place in society for them to do just anything and get away with it... STOP following what they do or say just coz they are on TV,, be your own self and make your own decisions.. peace.

Thomas Jefferson on Friday, September 14, 2012 4:59 PM
Trenetra, if I were a celebrity, I would expect my high priced lawyer to get me off. Although, I wouldn't do anything to get me into trouble. So, if I were on trial for something, it would be a set-up. Because I go against the grain. And I would proclaim my innocence and would need to get off. Because I'm on family and good friends, I would never sacrifice them. I try my best to follow the Bible, I consider the afterlife. So, I treat others as I would want to be treated. Amen to what Mizizi said, "STOP following what they do or say just coz they are on TV, be your own self and make your own decisions."
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Trenetra Mayo on Friday, September 14, 2012 5:14 PM
Point well taken TJ... You and DJ Mizizi summed it all up! Lol
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